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Widely Used Tear Tape for Its Excellent  Quality 
and  Performance

Cellolabel's "TEAROPEN®" is a tear tape to unwrap film packages.

In order to meet customers' broad and diverse needs, Cellolabel maintains uncompromising production policies of "original technology", "strict quality control" and "excellent after-sales service".
"TEAROPEN®", produced in a clean room atmosphere, is widely used by Japan's major manufacturers such as Japan Tobacco Inc, and has gained trust and a high reputation not only in Japan but also overseas.

Functions of Tear Tapes

Features of TEAROPEN®

Product Lineups and Applications

Hot Melt Tape

Hot melt adhesive is coated on one surface of Polyester film.
This type of tape can be widely used for general packing materials including OPP wrapper and others.

Adhesive Tape

Adhesive agent is coated on one surface of the film.
This type of self-adhesive tape enables beautifully finished appearance with few creases.

Word Printed Tape

Word Printed Tape

This is printed tape with company name,brand name, etc.
Printing of very fine letters is also possible.

Specially Processed Tape

These tapes are used for purposes other than unwrapping packages.
For example, identification tapes to indicate manufacturers name on electric cables and shielding tapes for electric cables to reduce noise.

Specially Processed Tape


Tape Width

Tape width

We have various width of tape from 1.5mm.
Please refer to the left samples.

Tape Product Types

Tape Product Types

We have various type of tape such as transparent, red, and hair-line, etc.
Please refer to the left samples.



S A   93mm B 103mmφ C 30mmφ
M A 105mm B 115mmφ C 30mmφ
L A 105mm B 130mmφ C 30mmφ


S A 235mm B 525mm C 365mm
M A 270mm B 600mm C 403mm
L A 295mm B 600mm C 440mm



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